Snowbird Creek

Log Cabin


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What you should know before you come

Please bring flotation devices for the kids and inner tubes.

The creek is very shallow but there are some deep spots.

And in a heavy rain the creek can get dangerous quick.

Bears, racoons, snakes, and mice are no more a problem in

Graham County than anywhere else, after all you are in the woods.

I would bring medication for bee stings if you are allergic to them.

Bring bikes and or skateboards our road is quiet and flat and safe.

Remember Graham County is a dry county so stop in

Andrews or Bryson City if you want beer or wine.

Bring mattress protection if you have little ones.

We supply an iron, hair dryer and blender.

Bring your fishing gear. The temptation is to hard to resist.

Get the correct fishing license in town and don't forget the trout option

if you’re going to fish the creek.